Marketing makes & picks pickles.

Painted 3D scan of Pierre meditating in front of a notebook page depicting a tsunami over a desert

reality is unburdened by realism






rainbow deck




🠸 seek inspiration & purpose 🠺

red hat




apollo (ex-meteor)

Geoffroy Pierre Alexis Carrier

Born without I, solving for delugions, mental illness and degradation. Language.

Thrown out of a police station, destroyed, then shackled and drugged last round.

If I have another mental breakdown, please let me browse. Just lost, my problem.

Si je suis psychotique, merci de me laisser naviguer. Juste perdu, mon problème.

Urgences, emergencies: +33 6 58 33 27 92. Making up my mind peacefully, thanks.

Heaps are the garbage structure, faults are no exception.

No brain medication or alteration, data flows.
Your rules, my life. Governance, agency.
Let me be me. This is my peace of mind.

Believe in your teachers. Do not trust them. Study life.

Discovery, science, engineering, and production are fractal.

Automation does it best,
or you do it again.

If you cannot see the machine, keep looking.

Hold your pencils.



I don't care about your shit. But I care about you.

Stop eating your tail,
it doesn't go in your head.

Therein lies mechanical resiliency, sweet dreams.

Are we the baddies?

Got your back. ACAB, PLUR.

Read repairs. Recycle.

Remember to profile.

Inspire, expire.




Got it?

Without past,

Only some present.

All gods, yourself too.

Drugs can keep you
from your truth.

Take your goggles off.
Learn loss without chemical help.

Commit wholeheartedly
and hold each other.

Keep it real. Love you forever.

Linen to fold and bags to pack,
name of that game.

OMW, got pass pick port.

Colors and dimensions to propagate.

Lastly, hear them out
and vote for us all.
I'll share the time I have.
You deserve better than my best.
The missing color is transparent.

We unite schizophrenia.
Dream better, not bigger.

Can you sense the urgency too?
I don't see the politics.

Stop radicalism,
talk to all your folks
far and away.
Too easy for you to cheat.
What else you got?

What's your ideology?
What does it change?